Si2 Bylaws 27-Feb-2015

Si2 ByLaws 27-Feb-2015

Si2 ByLaws should be read by all Si2 members and potential members.

Member Spotlight: PhoeniX Software

By Twan Korthorst
Chief Executive Officer
PhoeniX Software
The Netherlands

With the applications space for integrated photonics expanding into traditional electronics areas, existing EDA and photonics design automation design methodologies must merge to provide the most efficient design flow.

As integrated photonics presents physical and analytical challenges that require unique methods not available in traditional electronic IC design tools, these need to be addressed. PhoeniX Software’s OptoDesigner Photonic IC phoenixdesign platform, with native curvilinear and all angle layout capabilities, can be used either stand-alone for photonic IC design or closely interfaced with EDA solutions to support the design of complex photonic-electronic ICs within an integrated environment.

Member Spotlight: ANSYS, Inc.

By Vic Kulkarni
Senior Vice President and General Manager
RTL Power Business
San Jose, Calif. 
Innovation in semiconductor design is enabling smaller device architectures with higher performance and energy-efficient devices for powering smart products in the emerging Internet of Things verticals.

In addition to solving problems posed by the Moore’s Law, traditional EDA companies must address challenges in power noise integrity, electro-migration and thermal management in intelligent sensor systems containing 3-D stacked die structures, on-chip WiFi and Bluetooth radios, mixed-signal, IP encryption, complex CPU/APUs for edge nodes and providing analytics for chip-package-system designers.
ANSYS multi-physics simulation driven product design workbench provides complete virtual prototypes of complex products and systems–comprised of electronics, and mechanical, fluid and embedded software components– which incorporate all the physical phenomena that exist in real-world environments.