The Compact Model Coalition (CMC) membership is open to companies in the semiconductor community that sell or use tools which use SPICE (Simulation Program with Integration Circuit Emphasis) device models, also referred to as Compact Models.

CMC General Benefits

  • CMC Members get early access to all CMC standard models
    • Models are made available to CMC Members 18 months prior to release to the general public
  • CMC Members are able to attend Member-only, face-to-face quarterly meetings held at key locations, worldwide
  • CMC Members vote on which new models should be funded for standardization
  • CMC Members vote on which new projects should be added to the current list of CMC activities
  • CMC Members have rights to join Si2’s internal R&D group, OpenStandards, at no additional charge

CMC Model Designation Benefits

  • When a model has been designated by a CMC Member for funding, that same Member obtains special rights, to include:
    • Access to the latest bug-fixes and enhancements provide in model Beta code releases
    • Rights to attend model working group meetings
    • Rights to identify and vote on model bug and enhancement work priorities

Software Supplier Benefits

  • As a software supplier that has designated a model for funding, the Quality Assurance Program provides:
    • An opportunity to present model support plans to the end users
    • Access to the Quality Assurance testing scripts for testing model implementation accuracy
    • Support in determining model implementation accuracy and deep-dive analysis and resolution of any implementation issues
    • Note that end-users with internal simulation tools have the same rights to QA scripts for models they have designated for funding

Application Process

First, complete the membership agreement and return via fax or email. The agreement will be reviewed for approval. After approval, complete the model selection form, which determines model designation rights. The membership price is determined based on how many models are designated. Model designation provides companies with access to model working group materials, bug fixes, model beta code, the model quality assurance testing program, and voting rights on changes.

After model selection, an invoice is sent to the new member. After Si2 receives a purchase order, payment, or deferral (see step two), the member is given access to the CMC members-only site, and designator-only model working groups.

Step One

Obtain a quote for your company, based on number of models designated.

Download the membership agreement, complete, sign, and return.

Step Two

After the agreement is signed, or if you prefer, in parallel, you will also need to fill out the model designation form for the current year.

If it is currently past mid-year, your company’s start date for membership dues can begin on June 1. However, a full year’s payment will still be required (June 1 through May 31 the following year). However, the following year, your company will be billed for just six months (June 1 through December 31) to participate.

Finally, though the membership is a calendar-year membership, if your company’s fiscal year begins later, the form provides the option of deferring payment until May, provided an authority within your company provides a guarantee of payment, though their signature.