Si2 Compact Model Coalition Offers Automatic Rule-Checking Software to Members and Developers

CMC Technical Advisor Geoffrey Coram of Analog Devices has developed and contributed device model rule-enforcing software to Si2. Known as Verilog-A Model Pythonic Rule Enforcer, or VAMPyRE, the software is a standalone compact model parser and checker written in Python.

VAMPyRE checks compact model implementation for a variety of problematic errors, such as hidden-state variables, bias-dependent switch branches, integer division, and unused parameters or variables. VAMPyRE also reviews the style of code, suggesting proper indentation and complaining about extra spaces or tabs. Resolving such errors during development can lead to dramatic time and cost savings during production.

“Commercial simulators generally just run Verilog-A models and are not usually concerned about unused parameters or poor coding style,” Coram said. “But sometimes an ‘unused’ parameter is an indication of an error, because that parameter should have been used in an equation.”  The tool is expected to bring benefits to multiple audiences: model developers want help during code development while EDA vendors would like a consistent coding style to help their optimization. Other CMC members want to verify compliance with the CMC’s Verilog-A Code Standards Policy, which was approved last fall.

CMC Chair Peter Lee agreed. “VAMPyRE is invaluable to enable the development of model code to meet the highest level of quality expected from the models standardized by the CMC. Due to these standard models being widely used in the semiconductor industry, issues with the code can potentially have a large impact to the semiconductor design business. VAMPyRE has already found errors in beta code under development of existing models before release, and we look forward to further improving and enhancing our current and next-generation models with VAMPyRE.”

To encourage widespread adoption, Si2 is offering VAMPyRE to CMC members and model developers under an open-source license.