Tom Whipple Elected Co-Chair of Si2 OpenStandards Technology Steering Group

Tom Whipple, solutions architect at Zuken, has been elected co-chair of the Si2 OpenStandards Technology Steering Group. He joins co-chair Jerry Frenkil, director of OpenStandards, in this new leadership role.  Paul Stabler of IBM was elected secretary.

The Si2 OpenStandards membership offers the option for companies collaborate in one or all of a variety of  topical working groups that develop and approve standards for the global semiconductor industry. OpenStandards targets potential standards earlier, streamlines a path for more timely industry approval, and strengthens  inter-project collaboration. The TSG is responsible for coordinating OS technology roadmaps, and recommending formation of OS collaborating groups and monitoring their activities.

At Zuken, Tom is responsible for defining, promoting and supporting chip-package-board co-design solutions using Zuken CR-8000 design tools.