CMC SPICE Models - Standardized Tested Accepted

CMC Models: Your Competitive Edge

The Compact Model Coalition (CMC) Standard Models are developed by the world’s leading SPICE model experts and are used by designers working at the world’s most advanced fabless semiconductor companies, integrated circuit foundries, and integration device manufacturers. These models are implemented by the industry’s top circuit simulation software developers. Standard models along with proven (tested) simulation results ensure that designers can have the assurance that their integrated circuit performance will exactly match the design’s specifications.

Standard Models for the Industry

The CMC program, which is paid for by CMC member dues, provides  public access to production releases of the Verilog-language device models.  CMC members also have access to the beta releases of the models for which they have designated funding support.  Beta releases provide the latest model enhancements and bug fixes.    Likewise, the CMC members have access to scripts required to run Quality Assurance (QA) tests of a supplier’s model implementations against the developer’s reference results, thereby validating simulator performance and accuracy.

Valuable Tools for Developers

To help with development of Verilog-A compact models, CMC has determined that their new Verilog-A Model Pythonic Rule Enforcer (VAMPyRE) should be made available to the public. VAMPyRE is a standalone compact model parser and checker written in Python. The software checks compact model implementations for a variety of problematic errors, such as hidden-state variables, bias-dependent switch branches, integer division, and unused parameters or variables. VAMPyRE also checks the style of code, suggesting proper indentation and complaining about extra spaces or tabs.