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Si2 OpenStandards Members

Si2 OpenStandards Working Groups

Unified Power Model

Develops, specifies, prototypes, and standardizes advanced solutions for system level-power modeling.  This work is aimed at reducing costs, resources, and risks associated with creating, supporting, and using power models.

Chair: Nagu R. Dhanwada, IBM

Chip Package Co-Design

Develops, specifies, and standardizes enhancements to package description formats for 2.5D and 3D design to facilitate standardized data exchange among design, packaging, foundry, and assembly groups.

Chair:  Tom Whipple, Zuken, Inc.

Open Pattern Advanced Layout

Specifies a concise language for rapidly searching IC layouts for yield detracting 2D patterns in an Si2 Open Access database.  OPAL is aimed at reducing the increasing cost and effort in describing complex patterns in advanced processes.