Johannes Grad of Cadence First Si2 Pinnacle Award Winner

Johannes Grad, product engineer at Cadence Design Systems, is the winner of the first quarterly Pinnacle Award, presented to volunteers for exceptional contributions to Si2’s success as an R&D joint venture.

A member of the Cadence Custom IC and PCS Group, Johannes focuses on OpenAccess development, supporting advanced process nodes, and software infrastructure for physical design. He is a moderator for the Si2 OpenAccess Issue Tracking System and Discussion Forum and a member of the Si2 OA Debug Working Group. Johannes has Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Marshall Tiner, director of Production Standards, said that “Johannes’ behind-the-scenes efforts are uniquely representative of the great work done by volunteers to assure OpenAccess remains the industry’s leading design databaseAs an essential member of the Discussion Forum, whether he’s responding to a user error or lack of product knowledge, Johannes handles every problem with professionalism and tact.  He has shown unwavering support for all members of the OpenAccess Coalition.”