Working Design Magic with the Python Interface to OpenAccess

The OpenAccess scripting interface, called oaScript, allows easy and quick access to a OpenAccess-based design using one of four scripting languages: Python, perl, tcl, or Ruby. Some of our largest members have benefitted from the power of the oaScript interface, not only creating powerful but concise scripts for internal use, but constructing and distributing scripts which provide their customers a competitive advantage for efficient design. Si2’s focus this year has been to bring this same value to all Si2 members who have rights to use the oaScript interface.

The focus on designer’s use of oaScript includes: the development of online training using a best-in-class system and course development company, the creation of demonstration videos showing implementation of convenient scripts that are used to quickly solve some difficult design problems, and, finally, the establishment of a scripting language and C++ extension repository to hold examples for our qualifying members.

An example demonstration video is shown below. In this real-world example, a design engineering is called upon to determine the number of active transistors in a design. The engineer uses functions from the Polygon Operators library, one of the extensions to OpenAccess, to quickly and accurately determine active transistor count.

A number of demonstrations videos have been created and will be made available to Si2 members in the near future.

For training on the efficiency of using the scripting interface to OpenAccess, consider attending the oaScript Tutorial, entitled “OA Script Symposium: Scripting Made Easy,” which will be held at the Design Automation Conference the afternoon of July 19.