Si2 OpenAccess Scripting Interfaces

Let us show you how designers benefit from our OpenAccess Scripting Interface.

Common design problems are expedited using python scripts that directly access the design.

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Find the available space in a layout from the shell.

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Interrogate Design

Change a cell in a design layout from the shell in ten lines.

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Counting FETS

Get the total FET area and count for a design layout directly from the shell.

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Two-Tool Interoperability

Use another tool to act on a design from the same shell.

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Low Pass Filter

Bring together Spice and our scripting interface to automate the building of a low-pass filter..

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Build a Simple Inverter

Build a layout, a schematic and a symbol view of an inverter.

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Design from the Shell

Build a linear feedback shift register from our free NanGate library.

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oaScript Catalog

Detailed information on the OpenAccess scripting interfaces shown on this page.

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